perfectly balanced

ever since i read the man who ate everything, i've been convinced that vegetables make me sick.

i know.
i know.

they are "good" for you. so what is the problem?

the vegetables are delicious going down, but well, let's just say that during digestion they make my stomach feel very unladylike. (anyone else with that problem?)

nevertheless vegetables are all i feel like eating these days. below is a recipe for my new favorite salad combination, adapted from a recipe by skye gyngell, an english chef and the author of the book my favorite ingredients. it is worth the indigestion.

for some reason i've always been under the impression that the british are out of their depth in the kitchen. i'm not sure where that idea comes from, but the fact that sheep's stomach and mushy peas are considered fine dinning might have something to do with it.

in any event. i was wrong. at least one english chef is nailing it in the kitchen. and her book is probably one of the most charming cookbooks i've seen in a while.

so here is our salad (skye's and mine). you should probably try it. tonight if you know what is good for you.
red grapefruit
(coarsely chopped)
aged romano
(sliced paper thin)
mixed greens

toss and serve with a simple french vinaigrette for a scrumptious summer lunch.
skye includes prosciutto in her recipe. i didn't because i take great pleasure in trying to force my meat loving husband to eat vegetarian food. nice wife eh?


Open for Business

I am pleased to announce the grand opening of:

Mercedes White French Macarons*

Friends I started a business! This summer I will be selling my confectioneries at the Park City Market on Sundays** from 10-5. For special orders, please contact me at mercedeswhite@gmail.com.

here is my little spot at the market. please ignore the wrinkled tablecloth (trashy!!).

If you haven't tried a French Macaron yet, here is a little taster of what to expect:

grapefruit--caramel au fleur de sel--blackberry white chocolate***

Two almond meringue cookies are sandwiched between a filling. When you bite in a slightly crisp shell gives way to a soft chewy center.

For the diet conscious french macarons are relatively good choice if you are craving something sweet but don't want go overboard. Macaron stats:
  • made from almond flour and so are naturally gluten free.
  • low in fat because of their egg white (as opposed to butter) base.
  • low in calories--just 70 calories per macaron.
So if you are going to have a cookie....come to Park City and have a macaron!

*I'm working on a website. As soon as it is ready, I will share it.

**The fact that the market is on sunday is kind of a bummer. There is a chance that I will be able to wiggle my way into the Salt Lake City market, which is on Saturdays. I will keep you all posted.

***Those are actually MY macarons! The photos were taken by my dear friend Ann
. The photo styling was done by the lovely and talented Marte. They both blog. You should check 'em out.