Unhappy Feet

if you have a foot fetish....just stop now.
(i guarantee after seeing this you will think i am the nastiest person that ever walked the face of the earth.)

this is what happens when your feet get cold and wet and you ignore them:
(and just in case you are interested, it itches like the dickens)

this is what happens when you have weird shaped feet that you cram into cross country ski boots that are a little on the small side. (it was totally worth it though. j'adore le ski nordique.)

between the blisters and the swollen toes i can barely walk. i have been complaining for three days nonstop about my aliments. michael is sick of hearing about it. posting pictures is my shameless attempt to garner more sympathy.

dearest feet: i get it. i won't ignore you anymore. as a reward for your long-suffering, michael promises to treat you to many pedicures in 2010.


Haute Pizza (ie not frozen)

it is no secret, we like our frozen pizza. we probably eat it 3 times a week (and we will probably die of preservative overload by age 35). in an effort to actually make food (what a novel idea) and to try something a bit healthier, i decided to make my own pizza.
i call it...

blue moon
roasted butternut squash puree
caramelized onions
blue cheese

i couldn't keep my paws of this thing. michael is lucky he even got a piece.

so here is what i want to know:
what are your favorite ingredients to put on a pizza?


Cry Baby

maybe it was a bad case of pms...
maybe it was the full moon...
or maybe i am deeply emotionally disturbed person...

but on tuesday night i came home from work, made love to a bowl (or two) of parsley parmesan pasta and proceeded to cry my way through:
biggest loser
(i hate working out. 400 pounders freak me out. that jillian lady is SCARY. but, come elimination i was bawling along with everyone else. i am a cliche).

a sportscenter special
(about a kid who is obsessed with the USC football team and recently became blind).

25 pages of people of the book by geraldine brooks.
(tolstoy, she's ain't, but i've have a firm policy of being and equal opportunity crier when it comes to stories of unrequited love.)

viva la vida
(ya it's by coldplay. i know by admitting this i am going to lose my music street cred, but who am i to argue with tears...)

and then i fell asleep which is usually the best solution for the mad blues or the mean reds or whatever it is i have.

of course, a trip to tiffany's might help too....