Open for Business

I am pleased to announce the grand opening of:

Mercedes White French Macarons*

Friends I started a business! This summer I will be selling my confectioneries at the Park City Market on Sundays** from 10-5. For special orders, please contact me at mercedeswhite@gmail.com.

here is my little spot at the market. please ignore the wrinkled tablecloth (trashy!!).

If you haven't tried a French Macaron yet, here is a little taster of what to expect:

grapefruit--caramel au fleur de sel--blackberry white chocolate***

Two almond meringue cookies are sandwiched between a filling. When you bite in a slightly crisp shell gives way to a soft chewy center.

For the diet conscious french macarons are relatively good choice if you are craving something sweet but don't want go overboard. Macaron stats:
  • made from almond flour and so are naturally gluten free.
  • low in fat because of their egg white (as opposed to butter) base.
  • low in calories--just 70 calories per macaron.
So if you are going to have a cookie....come to Park City and have a macaron!

*I'm working on a website. As soon as it is ready, I will share it.

**The fact that the market is on sunday is kind of a bummer. There is a chance that I will be able to wiggle my way into the Salt Lake City market, which is on Saturdays. I will keep you all posted.

***Those are actually MY macarons! The photos were taken by my dear friend Ann
. The photo styling was done by the lovely and talented Marte. They both blog. You should check 'em out.


Anita said...

Good luck with your new venture! I'm sure that if they taste half as delicious as they look, you are gonna be selling out every time!

Mercedes said...

Anita: Thank you so much! I'm having a great little adventure with this.

Bonnie White said...

They do look wonderful. And I like the little boxes and the display case. Well done. You make me proud!

Melissa said...

Can you mail an order to Florida?

Louise Plummer said...

I can't wait to taste them. They're beautiful.

Katie said...

so great! love the photos, love the flavor selection - you'll blow that market away!

rebecca said...

best of luck!! they look amazing, for sure.

Lauren said...

mercedes, i am so thrilled to FINALLY get a peek at the famous macaroons. they look amazing, but i expect nothing less from mrw. seriously!! fantastic! i cannot wait to bite into a beautiful little 70cal macaroon.

i hope for continued success with this darling business. and agree with your mother's sentiments: you make me proud!!

love you!

Lauren said...

grapefruit? caramel au fleur de sel? blackberry white chocolate? are you kidding me? YES PLEASE!!

leah jane said...

Oh man, I am just so thrilled for you. These look divine! And seriously, can you mail order? Cause I am hankering for some of these bad boys. Maybe I will trek to Park City just to try.

e said...

There is a Sugar House farmers' market on Fridays that may be easier to get into than the Pioneer Park one. Just a thought.