March comes in


Let's hope she goes out like a lamb...


P.Pink Soup

i'm sitting here wondering how the HELL people do it?  

how do people manage to:

have a job
clean a house
cook nutritious food
spend with their spouse
have some alone time
read books
spend time with friends

i'm barely holding it all together. my house is a disaster.  we've been eating peanuts for dinner because neither one of us has time to shop for food.  i have a list of friends i want to email that is growing by the day and a stack of books that i feel guilty every time i look at.  the only exercise i get is the walk from my car to my office. 

so i am feeling pretty down in the dumps about things.  i think part of the problem is that i want to be 100 percent in everything.  to illustrate: in my world cleaning doesn't mean running a clorox wipe across the counter--it means scrubbing the baseboards with a toothbrush.

but i can't do everything 100 percent. so i'm changing my expectations of myself.  one home cooked meal a week is my 100 percent right now.

so let me show you my hundred percent.  i made beet gazpacho.  i love beets and tomatoes and cucumber.  the recipe is from veganomicon, a lovely vegan cookbook if you are interested in plant based eating.

we cheated and added a little bit of feta cheese to our bowls