i love your generous heart and your adventurous spirit.  you manage to be firm in your convictions without being dogmatic.  i treasure your mothering and mentorship.  I wish I could be there to share this special day with you. happy birthday mom!


material girl

i don't know what is it about this spring, but i have the urge to blow the bank.  here's my list.  (i keep telling myself it is totally realistic if i either win the lotto or write the next great canadian oprah endorsed novel.)

1. house: the kitchen is atrocious.  the chicken coop horrifies me.  but the floors are perfect, the ceiling beams make me swoon, and the picket fence is just the right about of cliche.

2. dress: before anyone goes all taliban on me, i know it is too short to wear to church on it's own. i'm thinking jeggings and maybe a belt. weigh in. worth 200 bones? (pretend i am rich)

3. art: when purchasing visuals i go by the three C's: colourful, charming and cheap.  in my book, lullie wallace hits all the right notes.

other random stuff i will probably blow mike's hard earned wages on include: 
nail polish
easter candy
organic apple cider vinegar
new books (salvage the bones, so much pretty, the tiger's wife)
a plane ticket to japan so i can spend a week buying random hello kitty crap
vitamins that make your hair grow (do you think they work?)



i cooked and ate an entire package of bacon.  thick cut and peppered. dripping with grease. my morning vitamins were gulped down with a swig from a random can of day-old diet doctor pepper. i poured an entire bottle of tinkerbell 'white citrus' bubbles into my afternoon bath.  bathing in chemicals is my fave.

clearly i have some kind of death wish.

as i write this my arteries are hardening, the lining of my stomach is dissolving and in about twenty minutes i am going to break out in shingles. 

my back is already itchy.  so just in case i croak, here are a few pearls i gathered over the weekend:

listen to this:

read this: painful in the sense that you relive the worst parts of junior high school.  beard nails it, right down to the paranoia about getting your period at school.  i liked it, i have masochistic tendencies.

eat this: cheese like butter only better.  if you like it, 'you are a genius,' or so say the experts at murray's cheese shop in NYC.  buy it in SLC at tony caputos.

lather this: worth.every.penny. so good even michael aaron carey has been persuaded to use conditioner.