P.Pink Soup

i'm sitting here wondering how the HELL people do it?  

how do people manage to:

have a job
clean a house
cook nutritious food
spend with their spouse
have some alone time
read books
spend time with friends

i'm barely holding it all together. my house is a disaster.  we've been eating peanuts for dinner because neither one of us has time to shop for food.  i have a list of friends i want to email that is growing by the day and a stack of books that i feel guilty every time i look at.  the only exercise i get is the walk from my car to my office. 

so i am feeling pretty down in the dumps about things.  i think part of the problem is that i want to be 100 percent in everything.  to illustrate: in my world cleaning doesn't mean running a clorox wipe across the counter--it means scrubbing the baseboards with a toothbrush.

but i can't do everything 100 percent. so i'm changing my expectations of myself.  one home cooked meal a week is my 100 percent right now.

so let me show you my hundred percent.  i made beet gazpacho.  i love beets and tomatoes and cucumber.  the recipe is from veganomicon, a lovely vegan cookbook if you are interested in plant based eating.

we cheated and added a little bit of feta cheese to our bowls


Louise Plummer said...

Glad you're back to blogging. The soup looks divine. And I don't know anyone who can do all the things on your list perfectly. One meal a week is a fine goal.

Bonnie White said...

That soup does look delicious especially with the cheater feta. Managing our expectations is the secret to happiness.

Lauren said...

loooks so good! ps, my grandma usrd to make the best borscht- AMAZING! you (as always) inspire me! xo