Commonsense Cooking

I’d been fantasizing about cupcakes for like three weeks. Hinting to the capable cooks in my life that I needed a cupcake delivery didn’t pan out….so I broke down and made a batch myself.

What a waste of flour.

I forgot the baking powder so the cupcakes turned out like hockey pucks. Talk about ruining a craving. Actually this little disaster is probably for the best because had they turned out even remotely well, I very likely would have eaten the entire batch myself.

Michael flagged this article on googlereader from some blah blah great chef about how people only need common sense and an understanding of ratios to cook well. The article is good, but whenever people say cooking is just common sense and math I start getting sensitive about my culinary prospects (so sensitive in fact that I missed the point of the article).

I like math. I’m just not very good at it. I like cooking, but according to chef blah blah I’ll just never be very good at it because I’m a Neanderthal who doesn’t know a ratio from a radical. Whatever happened to the “if you can read, you can cook” school of thought? At least in that paradigm I had a chance!

I consol myself with assurances of my ample common sense (I have it right? Right? RIGHT?) and the fact that I can cook one thing really well. If I were a pony, this would be my one trick.

Here it is:

In a pan heat a drizzle of oil and about six cloves of minced garlic and sauté on medium.To the garlic and oil add chopped basil (fresh if you have it, if not dried works well too).

Add some coarsely chopped roma tomatoes. (a good rule of thumb is to use three roma tomatoes per person eating)

Simmer about 20 minutes until some (but not all) of the liquid reduces.

Before serving add a large handful (or two, who can get enough of this stuff?) of feta cheese and let it melt just a bit.

Serve hot over pasta.

I suppose you could add mushrooms or asparagus or zucchini to this sauce. Regardless of what you do to it, it turns out. So there you have it, your very version of own old faithful. Try it sometime, it will make you feel full of good old-fashioned common sense!


Mom said...

I have been eating all day and readingyour blog still made me hungry.

Michaela said...

haha! I thought the cupcake picture you have was the picture of your cupcakes until you said they turned out like hockey pucks. I thought, "what's she complaining about?! Those look better than any cupcake I've ever made!" Maybe we can find some time to make some cupcakes while you're here. :)

nikki said...

For a second there I thought that cupcake was a picture of your creation and I was about to tell you to start selling them. If it makes you feel any better... I am much better at cookies than cakes although I think I should try to perfect my cake skills. No worries. There is still hope for you. In Ratatouille the whole theme is "Anyone Can Cook"...I believe that, so don't give up!

Mom said...

I believe this is the one and the same sauce you made for George and I just this week. I rate this ***** (5 stars) I really appreciated your whipping up some penne but I wanted to eat the sauce plain. Thanks for the recipe. And so authentic!