Drugstore Do

i told michael if he wants to be a contributor on this blog he better pony up.....but since he has another month of school left and is supposed to be "focusing" i decided to give him a get out of jail free card until june. before he joins us, i am going to do everything in my power to shoot the intellectual integrity of this blog straight to......seventeen magazine.

when i was growing up one of my favorite weekend activities was going with my sister to the drugstore. the drugstore was our mecca, a promised land of products that would make us beautiful, radiant and hopefully (at least in my case) less dorky.

of course you have to know what to buy, so for advice we'd turn to the teenage girl bible: seventeen magazine. at the drugstore we'd thumb through magazines (we had no intention of buying--because we are thrifty like that) looking for the cheap product recommendations.

anywho not much as changed in the last ten years. i still love going to the drug store and i still love a good product recommendation list. since seventeen magazine wasn't interested in my "expert" opinion, i'm going to make myself feel relevant by posting my product recommendation list here:

(some cheap....some not so cheap).

best body moisturizer:
nivea sun kissed firming moisturizer, $7

before going to hawaii i went with a friend to get a spray tan. the prospect of hitting the beach sporting florescent light skin didn't really appeal. the lady at the salon warned us that since we were both "so" pale we might get a little orange. my hands resembled tangerines for like two weeks.

since coming home i discovered this much gentler alternative, a body moisturizer with a gradual self tanner in it. it really works! no orange. no streaks. it also has firming agents in it (which probably do nothing) but it is the thought that counts.

best mascara:
maybelline colossal volum' express mascara, $8

i only bought it because it was on sale two for one. my lashes look freaking full when i wear it and it goes on like butter. enough said.

best anti aging product:
kiehl's powerful line reducing concentrate, $75

ok so it isn’t cheap AND it stinks big time but i am willing to overlook these faults because when i use it my skin is amazing (and i don’t have great skin to begin with). the product is a serum of vitamin c which helps to reduce fine lines. i think it even helped reduce some of my acne scaring. clear skin and reduces lines: this stuff is killer. start using it now to save yourself money in the long run (i.e. you won't need (as much) botox).

best lip gloss:
mac viva glam v lip glass, $14

a little bit pink. a little bit peach. ALL the proceeds of this product go to support aids charities. as one enthusiastic sales person told me: "one lip gloss can feed a child with aids in africa for like three weeks!!" trust me it will look great on you, but seeing is believing so next time you are walking by the mac counter do yourself (and the kids in africa) a favour and go try this gloss on.

ok this post is getting a little onerous. so even though i have about 8 other products i'd like to run off the mouth about, i'll do us all a favour and shut up. and any of you who did make it to the end of the this...i need a new eye cream. anyone have a favorite?


Sarah said...

LOVE IT! And i'd like to hear more. I understand about the drugstore addiction. I cannot go into Shoppers and spend less than $50. Sure, half of that is diapers, but still!

As for eye cream- I steal Alan's all the time. Yes, my metrosexual male uses Anthony Logistics for Men Eye Cream. You can find it at Sephora. It is fabulous. There is green tea, caffeine and wheat protein that de-puffs, firms and even hides the under eye circles left from the most sleepless nights.

I'm so glad you found me- and that you have given up your tanning oil use in Hawaii. I remember those blisters too well!!! I've missed you! If you & Mike are ever in town and want a different place to stay we have a great guest suite downstairs that is waiting for you!

nerak said...

Ok, the whole drugstore thing cracked me up, because that was THE place to go (the ONLY place to go) in Okotoks. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that 'going shopping' was synonymous with 'going to the drugstore.'

So glad you have a blog!!

Anonymous said...

oh. this was a lengthy post i see. on friday. my birthday. 18 years. awesome. anyways, i didn't read any of the words i just looked at the pictures, its all i ever do in those magazines haha.

ruv you, josh