My Youtube Debut.

things you should know before watching:

1. i don't sing. at 12 i took voice lessons for 4 months. i quit after my teacher would not let me move on from a song called little lamb (worst song ever). here you will notice me laughing mid song, forgetting lyrics and going terribly off key.

2. my last name is "white" which pretty much sums up my rhythm. please enjoy my oafish attempts at choreography (in particular around 1:01).

3. michael is completely responsible for the lyrics, and he "made" me sing it. in retaliation i am composing a song about health care to the tune of little mermaid's part of their world (ie something along the lines of: up where they have free medication, health care for me, if i could be canadian). if the irony of michael singing a song about longing for socialized medicine is lost on you, check out his blog.

and now



to the tune of popular from the musical Wicked.


Lauren said...

OMG! mercedes' got talent! you are the cutest and also the dorkiest. but i LOVE it! nice work on the lyrics mc. i am really looking forward to the retaliation song!!


Abbie said...

Seriously girl, that was the cutest thing ever! Michael came up with the lyrics too? That's way awesome. Can't wait to hear the health care song. :) So is Michael Republican or Dem?

Mercedes said...

michael = republican

mercedes= raging liberal...in america you call them democrats.

we talk politics a lot.

Anonymous said...

your hair is not big enough for living in Utah. Please correct this ASAP. many ladies in your new ward will be able to tell you where to purchase a "bump-it" to assist you in fitting in there. and we will also be able to tell where you live from your hair.

nice song; catchy.

Anonymous said...

Mercedes --

You do have talent.


How fun to discover this about you!


Bonnie Tonita White said...

So all those lessons did pay off. Well done. Great lyrics too Michael.

Mercedes said...

confession: i want a bump it.

nerak said...

mercedes, i won't allow you to have a bump-it. end of discussion.

and i love that you were forced into voice lessons. i think it's a mormon girl's right of passage. i'm not diminishing the horror of solos, but imagine the embarrassment: my mom had dreams of a sound-of-music-esque family troupe. we were the campbell family quad-tet at the high river musical festival for many years running. 'i love the mountains' was our shining moment.

and girl. this video = amazingness. i really have no words.

fyi, you are adorable.

A Canadian Foodie said...

Hey, Mercedes! I just killed myself laughing throughout the enitre video - not at you, at the lyrics. SO FUNNY... and you were so cute... Great debut! I also couldn't believe someone would ask if Mike was Dem or Rep... after that song, though - it does sound sarcastic! I could use it for a democratic campaign, and win! I am with you on the liberal side. Must make for GREAT bedtime chats!
Yes, Nuclear is the answer, for sure, Mike!
Keep up the great work, Mercedes. Love your blog!

Mercedes said...

valerie---so wonderful to hear from you! glad you enjoyed the video. just so everyone knows--it is ok to laugh at us--we are laughing at us.