A Reason to Shop at Gap

remember when the gap was cool? when we just couldn't seem to get enough? when khaki's swung? when even madonna was wearing gap jeans?

when the gap fell off the cool wagon, i can't say for sure, but what i do know is that circa 2000 you wouldn't catch me dead in the gap. the jeans looked like "mom" jeans. the shirts looked frumpy. the place was just blah.

around that time i jumped on the designer jean bandwagon. the fact that most styles didn't really fit, didn't look that great, and buying them meant i'd be eating kraft dinner for the rest of the month never seemed to phase me.

i 've needed new jeans for months and given my very strong feelings about the gap being the home of frump, it was with some skepticism that agreed to try some gap jeans on during a mother daughter shopping trip.
i knew before i even looked in the mirror that i'd found a winner in the gap's new 1969 sexy boot jean. i'm not exagerating when i say that these jeans look better than my seven for all mankind, rock and republic, or james jeans. at the fraction of the cost of premium denim, all of a sudden the gap is looking kind of cool again.

who knew.

go try them on now.....sexy boot. seriously. sexy.


Bonnie Tonita White said...

And if you are built like a "mom" try the long and lean. Seriously. Sexy.

Regina said...

gap jeans are great, for myself I wear the "curvy" model. Super comfy.

Lauren said...

hahaha! i was ALL about the gap, and now all of my jeans are pratically banana republic, but if mercedes white recommends it, i'll give it a shot! love you!