Haute Pizza (ie not frozen)

it is no secret, we like our frozen pizza. we probably eat it 3 times a week (and we will probably die of preservative overload by age 35). in an effort to actually make food (what a novel idea) and to try something a bit healthier, i decided to make my own pizza.
i call it...

blue moon
roasted butternut squash puree
caramelized onions
blue cheese

i couldn't keep my paws of this thing. michael is lucky he even got a piece.

so here is what i want to know:
what are your favorite ingredients to put on a pizza?


leah.jane said...

oh goodness that looks so good. i wish i had thought to make that about an hour ago, so it would just be coming out of the oven all hot and cheesy right now!!

oh and i love feta and spinach. yum!

Sarah said...

That looks really yummy. How do you caramelize onions? I'm totally making this before Christmas!

My favourite pizza is bbq chicken:

It is a weekly recipe in our house. And if you do the chicken in honey bbq sauce. YUM!

Bonnie Tonita White said...

Mine is quite similar to yours: sliced apple, blue cheese, pine nuts. Delish!

Mercedes said...

apple on pizza sounds like a good idea mom. i bet pear is good too.

caramelized onions...ok so i don't know if this is "actually" how you do it but here is how i do it:

melt butter and olive oil in pan. add onions cook on med heat until translucent. i like to add salt too. a lot of salt. a lot of butter. that makes pretty much anything good.

Andrea said...

That pizza looks amazing! I'll have to steal your recipe and make it. For me carmelized onions are a must. I haven't put salt on them, but I can guarantee that I'll try it next time!