Unhappy Feet

if you have a foot fetish....just stop now.
(i guarantee after seeing this you will think i am the nastiest person that ever walked the face of the earth.)

this is what happens when your feet get cold and wet and you ignore them:
(and just in case you are interested, it itches like the dickens)

this is what happens when you have weird shaped feet that you cram into cross country ski boots that are a little on the small side. (it was totally worth it though. j'adore le ski nordique.)

between the blisters and the swollen toes i can barely walk. i have been complaining for three days nonstop about my aliments. michael is sick of hearing about it. posting pictures is my shameless attempt to garner more sympathy.

dearest feet: i get it. i won't ignore you anymore. as a reward for your long-suffering, michael promises to treat you to many pedicures in 2010.


Bonnie Tonita White said...

Check this out:

Bonnie Tonita White said...

I had blisters liked this too from skiing - they take forever to heal - you can buy a special bandaid for blisters - I highly recommend it - I don't want you to get blood poison - special ointments will help - you need to take care of this.

Sarah said...

Oh poor Mercedes... and Ew. Poor Mercedes!!!
If you were here you could cross country ski down the path in our backyard and into fish creek & I bet all the way to your parents. I keep seeing skiiers go by and thinking i'd like to try it. Imagine the workout pulling 40 pounds behind me on sled...
I miss you today.

And the snow will probably still be here in March, so no worries!

Michaela said...

Okay, I was so excited to tell you that I found out what those things are called after translating the Spanish word for it, but your mom beat me to it! Beyond that, I also found out that Chileans aren’t so off in their suggestion to rub lemon on them. One suggestion is to use the discarded halves of lemons to cup them around your toes and rub them for a while, then you wash it off (so it doesn’t become sticky… hehe). Mostly you just need to increase circulation in your feet, which means plenty of nice looong foot massages from Michael (doctor’s orders) and relaxing warm foot baths. I’m excited to see you Sunday!

Michaela said...

p.s. lanolin might help too...