wowzer browzer

in an effort to economize, i decided to get eyebrow shapings less frequently. a month and a half went by; they didn't look that bad. and then two and they were a bit spindly but passable. and then i forgot about it....

until the other day when i looked at myself in the mirror and, to my horror, realized that the two caterpillars had taken over my face. cripes. see for yourself:
so i made an appointment with a brow artist in slc. this brow artist woman works on all the "famous" people in utah according to her website (i am trying to think of who those people might be. carlos boozer doesn't really strike me as a metro sexual kind of guy. neither does president monson, maybe robert redford is her client?). anyway take a gander at her handiwork.
i feel like a woman again.

i am not going to say what brow artist charged, but i will say it is highway robbery. needless to say, i didn't save a cent....which means that walking around looking like i had two giant cocoons on my face for two months was totally pointless.

i hate when i try to be thrifty and it backfires.


Bonnie Tonita White said...

When you come back to Calgary we'll take a trip up to the NE and have the Indian Thread Ladies have a go at those shrubs. They look lovely now and trust me the NE Indian Ladies won't bankrupt you.

Lauren said...

mercedes... your new eyebrows look fabulous. can you believe i just started getting mine done professionally about 2 yrs ago? shameful, i know. i had the perfect lady in boston who told me "your eyebrows are so bushy" in this THICK russian accent. she made them look fabulous and now i haven't been able to find a replacement here in CA. after lunch on saturday glo and i decided to head down the street for a mani/pedi and then we also had to go with the brow wax. i feel like a new woman myself. expensive albeit. our men better appreciate the price we pay to look beautiful... but if i may quote you dear mercedes "you cannot put a price on your sex appeal!!"

Mercedes said...

bhahaha. lo. you kill me. famous last words.

Regina said...

oh eyebrows...I am a firm believer in threading but perhaps that's because it's a middle eastern thing. Anyways they look lovely!
But if anyone charges more than 15$ definitely highway robbery!