Note Bien Mercedes

  • they call them FIBER one bars for a reason. eating 5 per day, probably not a good idea
  • to avoid depression: don't weigh yourself the morning after a late night pizza party.
  • purchase gas mask. on the radio they said we are having a "yellow air" warning (have i mentioned how much i hate it here lately?)
  • when you are working in a bridal store and an 18 year old girl comes in chomping on a wad of hubba bubba sporting bouffant bangs and forever 21's latest, and she tells you she wants a simple, elegant wedding gown, don't actually show her one. what she really wants is the most gawdy thing you can find: pickups, long trains, 80's style silhouettes, lady gaga inspired embellishments etc. this would do:
  • the verbal sparing that takes place during the post state of the union commentary does not, apparently, compare to watching jimmer fredette drain threes.
  • just because you have the urge to say "farmer blow" every time you see/say/hear the name jimmer fredette does not mean you should. one should at least try to keep up the pretense of being a lady ( in my defense, i think the yellow air might is getting to me).


Abbie said...

Ya, Utah's yellow air is such a turn-off to what would otherwise be a gorgeous winter.

Bonnie Tonita White said...

Other notes to self:

1) you are very funny so make sure you acknowledge that every day

2) discover Frozen Custard - Neilsen's and Snelgrove Burnt Almond Ice Cream - two wonderful reasons to enjoy Utah

3) Jimmer Fredette will look pretty tame after some of these bad boys who play up here.

RACHEL said...

jimmy...my baby daddy...

Lauren said...

i have been eating one fiber one bar each day for maybe the past 2 years and i still cannot get enough.

good luck with the yellow air... maybe it is adding to your humor, because YES you are so funny! love you!