MY Tunes

When I was in high school I was obsessed with Bob Dylan. My after school ritual went something like this: get a snack, go to room, lay on bed, stare up at neon stars on ceiling (a misguided decorating choice), and listen “Tambourine Man” on repeat.

I did this for years. I did it until my younger brother had enough and decided it was time for my Bob Dylan tape to have a tragic encounter with the toilet.

One might think now that I am grown up, I’d have weaned myself from rituals like listening to songs on repeat. But one would be wrong. There are some new developments, however. For example Michael has replaced my brother in the role of "annoyed family member." Also, Bob Dylan’s hippy folk music has been replaced with music of the trashy euro club genre, specifically “Bulletproof” by La Roux

(And speaking of roux isn’t that some kind of flour and butter concoction??? Gross.)

(Opps and according to Wikipedia la roux is English electropop. My bad.)

According to itunes I have listened to this song 73 times (in 48 hours). This is a problem. If I keep this pace up I risk coming down with “bulletproof brain” (as in the worst case of writers block imaginable). This is problematic when you make your living as a writer!

So question: tell me what song should replace bulletproof?

And seriously if you aren’t already working out to this song, go download it and thank me for fact that you run 20% faster when you listen to it later.


nerak said...

Rather than finding a replacement song, you really should check out the entire La Roux album. It. Is. Amazing. Actually, I was obsessed with it for approximately 2 weeks straight, after which the bulletproof song became one of my least favorite songs.

There's some great stuff on that album.


Bonnie Tonita White said...

Hey thanks for the tip on the music though the links you provided are not working. See your blog coded weirdly. I am still and forever a big Who fan. Baba O'Reilly.

leah jane said...

no replacement!! i love this song!! and it's funny cause i'm such a repeat girl myself. to avoid irritation {and detection} i usually indulge using ear phones. :)