another day, another degenerate dessert.

today's special: marshmallow peanut butter slice

they weren't quite like the one's i remember from second cup.

i probably put in too much peanut butter. and i am pretty sure there weren't enough marshmallows. and i probably put the mallows in before the peanut butter mixture was sufficiently cool.....because after mixing everything together they sort of looked (and tasted like) marshmallow fluff (not we are complaining or that it stopped us from devouring the entire pan).

heaven help me (fit into my jeans).


Sarah said...

The marshmallows are supposed to be the coloured ones, are they not? Yum those look really delicious.

Next up: Moose Poo? or homemade Reese PB Cups?

Mercedes said...

i know. i know. i was being a cheapskate and bought the generic marshmallows--which were not coloured. but i figure if i am going to get in the habit of making degenerate desserts, i should also buy degenerate ingredients.

Lauren said...

YUM! anything with PB i adore!! where are the macaroon postings??

nathan said...

mercedes, it's nathan. i want those. i want those now.