return to me

-lancome tweezers that i have had since i was like 19.
ten years is a long time. i'm attached. michael don't judge me for acting like my dog ran away ok.

-running shoes.
michael you hid them didn't you. this is payback for years of shamelessly hiding your stupid shoe horn isn't it.

-nice nude coloured bra.
who looses their bra?

-ability to conduct an automobile without scumming to fits of rage wherein i curse out and cut off every other driver on the road.
in my defense utah drivers made me this way.....they are the kind of drivers who have a peace signs on their license plates and then give you the finger while trying to run you out of your lane. at least i don't have a peace sign on my car.

what are you missing?


Anonymous said...

I will never forget a trip where Alan & I did not account for the time difference between las Vegas and slc and he relived his glory days getting us to the temple on time for a wedding...
A driver annoyed with us STUCK OUT HER TONGUE at us! I'm actually thrilled to hear our perception of the "Utah finger" was wrong!

Sounds to me like you should thank Michael for making you buy some new kicks...

Ps: when is a good time to call. I have 2 pieces of news for you. One is about ultrasounds & another is about moving boxes.

nerak said...

i miss driving. i'm jealous you get to road rage it up -- i'm so sick of public transportation, i want the freedom of driving back!

i miss tumble dryers. most london flats don't have dryers -- soft fluffy towels are nonexistent!

that's all for now!

Lauren said...

10 years? really? wow. they never got dull? i am just curious because i had a really good pair for a couple of years and they just seem to have stopped working. so i just assumed that tweezers have a lifespan of a couple of years, but i suppose you can prove me wrong? oh well. i hope you find them.

Flora said...

I am absolutely in love with the name of your blog. Seriously. And what am I missing? Oh, so many things, but what stands out is the marriage certificate of my daughter, Sara and her husband, Dustin. The sealer (Grandpa Spackman) handed it to me after the wedding and said, "I always give this to the mother of the bride, because they don't lose it." Right. I know it's here - somewhere. They have been married five years.

Mercedes said...

sarah benson: it is always a pleasure chatting with you. thanks to both you and alhoe for putting up with my technological deficiencies the other night!

kc:miss you desperately. you could come to utah and be my accountant/driver if you ever get tired of london. slc is hopping i tell you.

lolo: they were expensive tweezers. what kind should i buy? i certainly don't want to spend a small fortune (which these days feels like anything more than 5 bones!).

flora: thank you so much for stopping by. funny that you mention missing marriage certificates. we lost ours in our move from boston to SLC and had to have a copy over-nighted so that we could submit some immigration paper work. i have no idea if we even have a copy now. yikes!

Louise Plummer said...

Your bra is under my bed.

Mercedes said...

bhahahaha. oh my.

i forgot i lent it to you? it's a "miracle" bra, no?

Bonnie White said...

Keep getting the brows done professionally - you won't ever need to buy another pair of tweezers.

Momma Juj said...

I ALWAYS loose my tweezers. ALWAYS.

Mercedes said...

ya i wouldn't need tweezers if i didn't have hair growing out of my chinny chin chin!

ok i don't have any on my chin yet, but i imagine it is just a matter of time.

LiNds said...

Sweaters. Like that light blue and dark brown striped one... But i dont need them anymore! I keep having seasonal disorientation though!