good news/bad news

the good news is we are moving to the east

the bad news is we are only going 31 miles.

we'll be staying in utah for another year--
only this time around we are trading sandy-towne* for downtown park city.


i can't decide.
on the positive:
the restaurants are fabulous
there is a trail right behind our new apartment
we're a block a way from a great yoga studio
and only 10 minutes to the outlets

but less positively:
it is june and there is still snow up there
they don't have a target (one of the only reasons i continue to live in america)
people who are obsessed with skiing kinda annoy me

so if you know anything great or bad about living in park city let me know about it.

and if what you know about which celebrities go to pc and when....don't be embarrassed to tell me because, well, i read perez hilton every.dingle.day (much to michael's disgust) and i haven't had myself a celebrity citing since i lived in nyc. so i'd say i'm due.

*i used "towne" just to try to get michael's goat. he hates it when people spell town with an e.


nerak said...

i decided a long time ago that the only places i would consider living in utah were logan, sugarhouse, and park city.

officially jealous.

and how do you feel about people who are moderately obsessed with skiing? because i might be one of those.

mom/Janet said...

You will be able to see Abbie in August while we are there for a reunion, we have a condo there and could see you more, it's only for a year and you could always travel to the nearest Target. The outlet mall is a good one. Hope that's enough reasons for you to be excited for the next year.

Mercedes said...

Janet: I forgot that your family spends time in Park City. I would LOVE to see you all. Maybe Abbie and I can go for one of our famous walks! ok getting excited!

KC: get thy self to utah. i found a man for ya. he's a photographer. a professional--not just some digital dave or whatever. so when are you coming. we have an extra bedroom.....
nothing like a soft place to land.

Bonnie White said...

I hear in Park City they have a fabulous macaroon cookie booth at their Sunday market. Check it out.

Rachel B said...

hey mercedes!! i was creaching on your fb, and saw your blog. i didn't know you were living in utah, sa weet, i'm in idaho. how are you?? check out my blog www.aaliyahkd.blogspot.com

oh and ps, the sundance film festival is pretty decent, and i hear that ruth's chris is bomb!

pps, this is rachel bowman--from nyc baby!

Louise Plummer said...

Park City is more cosmopolitan than Sandy. And, yes, the Sundance Film Festival is great. Wonderful art and intimate shops. I think you'll like it.

Ann Marie said...

ah! you have a blog. sheesh. why didn't you say so??? anyway, here i am, ready to read.

Mercedes said...

When I say I hate people who ski--I should clarify--I hate/am terrified of skiing. People who love skiing remind me of what a whimp I am.