just because i am never going to be this kind of mother doesn't mean i don't appreciate them.

watch and swoon!

(though if you are having one of those days when your uterus is swinging from the chandeliers- so to speak- maybe wait on watching it because it will make you want a little wolf REAAAAL bad). 

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.


Bonnie White said...

My uterus hasn't swung from anything for years, but even this clip reawakened it for a nano second. I think that might be the same location where NieNie takes her family photos. Thanks for sharing. Lovely. Now go swing!!!!

Mercedes said...

no swinging! i got a job to do!

Louise Plummer said...

A perfect little piece of propaganda.

Char said...

This video is so cute! It makes me kind of sad though because it looks like it is supposed to be a birthday picnic for Dad...but where's Dad? She makes all of this effort and makes sure her kids look perfect but for who?

Mercedes said...


what you mean motherhood isn't all picnic parties and story books?!?!?! i've been bamboozled.


what an interesting observation. i hadn't thought of that but it is spot on. the video originated in utah--which explains a lot. people here get dressed up so they can go to the mall to buy more clothes to dress up in. the father, i assume is working some soulless job (as a dentist or something) to pay for the kids clothes.

hmmm. clearly i woke up on the judgmental side of the bed today.

in spite of myself, i still like the video.

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

For reals!!! This is too cute! No swinging of the uterus, but man, if it did swing I would be in big trouble after watching this:)