i cooked and ate an entire package of bacon.  thick cut and peppered. dripping with grease. my morning vitamins were gulped down with a swig from a random can of day-old diet doctor pepper. i poured an entire bottle of tinkerbell 'white citrus' bubbles into my afternoon bath.  bathing in chemicals is my fave.

clearly i have some kind of death wish.

as i write this my arteries are hardening, the lining of my stomach is dissolving and in about twenty minutes i am going to break out in shingles. 

my back is already itchy.  so just in case i croak, here are a few pearls i gathered over the weekend:

listen to this:

read this: painful in the sense that you relive the worst parts of junior high school.  beard nails it, right down to the paranoia about getting your period at school.  i liked it, i have masochistic tendencies.

eat this: cheese like butter only better.  if you like it, 'you are a genius,' or so say the experts at murray's cheese shop in NYC.  buy it in SLC at tony caputos.

lather this: worth.every.penny. so good even michael aaron carey has been persuaded to use conditioner.


Anonymous said...

I'm always intrigued and impressed with what you find on the Internet. And perhaps a good dose of roughage is just what you need to mitigate all that bacon. Love BHW

Lauren said...

RUFFFAGEEE!!!!!! OR... crystal light slurpees???