material girl

i don't know what is it about this spring, but i have the urge to blow the bank.  here's my list.  (i keep telling myself it is totally realistic if i either win the lotto or write the next great canadian oprah endorsed novel.)

1. house: the kitchen is atrocious.  the chicken coop horrifies me.  but the floors are perfect, the ceiling beams make me swoon, and the picket fence is just the right about of cliche.

2. dress: before anyone goes all taliban on me, i know it is too short to wear to church on it's own. i'm thinking jeggings and maybe a belt. weigh in. worth 200 bones? (pretend i am rich)

3. art: when purchasing visuals i go by the three C's: colourful, charming and cheap.  in my book, lullie wallace hits all the right notes.

other random stuff i will probably blow mike's hard earned wages on include: 
nail polish
easter candy
organic apple cider vinegar
new books (salvage the bones, so much pretty, the tiger's wife)
a plane ticket to japan so i can spend a week buying random hello kitty crap
vitamins that make your hair grow (do you think they work?)


Liz said...

I LOVE that house! And I'm cracking up, "a plane ticket to japan so i can spend a week buying random hello kitty crap." That's really all I did there. :)

Anonymous said...

Your list made me laugh right out loud. What? No precious gems? Love BHW

Lauren said...

i am right there with BHW! i love you!