just a random. blogs without pictures are boring.

now that i work from home/have no life/don't know anyone i have more time to devote to my one true love: cruising the internets. i'm reading, pinning and starring like a mad woman.

be the beneficiary of my wasted time.

eugina williamson tells this american life to grow up. she for one is sick of the way they "massage painful realities into puddles of personal experience" and their "preference for pathos over tragedy." zinger!

why buy the song when you get the music for free? wish i would have known about this site before i spent a small fortune in itunes for justin beiber songs. here's is a quick tutorial on how to get your free tunes. (full disclosure: it's probably not legal in the USA. fuller disclosure: i don't care).

i've been looking at this fashion blog all morning.  it is an new england wet dream. the author spends weekends in martha's vineyard, stays at the waldorf when in NYC and she personal friends with lilly pulitzer. did i mention she looks like kate middleton? she does.

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