AL is a'ite

the humidity is doing wonders for my skin.

unbearable heat is a good excuse for subsisting on real fruit popsicles.

i started going to the gym.

people are really friendly.

so i'd say things are a'ite.

but since i am feeling quite the grouch today let me level with you:

i'm annoyed with sources (for my job) who don't want to talk with me on account my employer's religious affiliation. someone told me the needed to pray before they would consent to be interviewed for a story. i'm told that is pretty normal here.

i'm exhusted because i stay up way way way too late watching the olympics. watching isn't quite the right word. this is not a passive viewing experience. i jump up and down, curse, and run around the room while i am waiting for results. maybe i am a little too invested in this.

then i went to church yesterday and the bishop went off on how it is NOT ok for people to be late to church and how it is also NOT ok for kids to get up and during sacrament meeting. this of course made me want to go off on him about how people are doing the best they can and perhaps if he is so worried about this he should step off the stand to help out those parents who clearly have their hands full.

dang i am self-righteous. i blame my bad temper on olympics/popsicle withdrawal. i mean it has been at least 45 minutes since my last reboot. i think i need s stronger drug. looks like i am headed to the store for ice s(cream).

mazel tov friends.  


Erica said...

Humidity does wonders for my skin too. Helps to look at the bright side of a hot and sticky day. ;)

Sorry for all the bummer that are getting you down lately. Boo!

Lauren said...

hahaaha! I LOVE reading your blog posts. you are hilarious!

i just turned my head to see the canadians win bronze for synchronized diving! WOOOT! goooo canada!

a great episode of how i met your mother that has some canadian references is "the return of the slutty pumpkin" you need to watch it! it is SOOOOO FUNNY!

love you!

Andrea said...

ha ha - that bishop would not be okay with how many times i usually have to get up with my kids or how many times we run in once the meeting has started! i'm loving watching the olympics too!