My rock stars aren't like your rock stars....

meet kate jones and martin rifkin. these lovely canadians are the inventors of gummy vitamins.

we picked up some up at costco. they are good. so good in fact that i might have what health care professionals refer to as a vitamin abuse problem. i don't care if i am an addict though because i am as healthy as a horse. i didn't even get a cold this winter (and i didn't have a flu shot either). i attribute my health to the obscene amount of gummy vites i consume on a daily (cough, hourly) basis.

and just in case you are curious, yes, we bought the kids version. why? because the kiddie kind taste better and we are the kind of people who care more about how stuff tastes than if it is good for us (a position we may come to regret when we are both so fat we need a crane to lift us out of the house). until then, taste wins every time.

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Mariel said...

I've always loved the Flinstone vitamins! I'll have to try these!

Fun blog, just stumbled onto it!