Daddy Like

remember when I used to scamper around the city looking like this?

(contrary to popular belief I am not wearing a black wig--read on for more insight into this seriously misguided hair colour choice)

when i moved to NYC to start grad school i'd just finished a stint working for MAC makeup. working there was glorious: my boss was thebomb.com, i had coworkers who were actually worth talking to, and a sixty percent discount on product (which lead to a serious makeup abuse problem).

if you want to work for MAC you have to just accept a couple of things:

1. at some point you are going to have to dye your hair black

which i did. totally caved into the peer pressure. when my mom saw me she told me if i kept my hair THAT colour i would never get married. worried she'd never live to see a grandchild, she offered to pay for me to get it dyed back to blond. even though part of me i wanted to say no just to prove i wasn't desperate, i've never been one to say no to free colour.

i wish i had because the colour session didn't go as discussed and i came out with a serious case of zebra hair which lasted for like three years (also not a great colour choice if you are on the prowl).

2. you are going to have to wear a truck load of makeup everyday.

i thought it was fun to get my creative juices going first thing in the morning. what to wear? blush or bronzer? gloss or lipstick? what type of coverage? why choose--i'd whore it up and wear them all--together--on a regular basis. usually it looked pretty good too.

when i got to NYC i kept up the makeup routine for several months. i liked wearing a truck load of makeup everyday--i thought i looked good and besides that, makeup was my artistic outlet (because i am a total artiste). eventually after being asked one too many times if i was a GOTH i decided i should maybe tone it down a little. i was 25! i was a grad student! people were supposed to take me seriously!

so i traded my beloved ruby woo and moxie lipsticks for oyster girl lip gloss, full coverage foundation for tinted moisturizer and eye shadow for eye cream (cause i am getting OLD). my application skills have deteriorated to a point where the other night when i went to put some eyeliner on (because we are going to a fancy party) i could barely draw a straight line.


while trolling the internet this afternoon i found this amazing website where they post makeup tutorials. the tutorials include application instructions and a list of all the products used. be forewarned, however, this isn't exactly the kind of stuff you'd find in instyle magazine. it is loud and out there, but also really fun and artistic so check it out.

here are some of my favorite looks:

(you can click on the pictures for closeups--the detail is amazing)

do you think there is such a thing as a makeup artist-anthropologist-librarian because all of a sudden i want to do makeup again.....


Sarah said...

I love it!
You could be the sexy librarian who not only rocks the dewey decimal system but also can tell students how to keep their complexions dewy during finals week!

You've always looked beautiful no matter what color your hair has been. It is nice to mix things up- just makes it hard sometimes for your friends to pick you out of a crowd!

(I'll phone you this week- I was so happy to get your message! Did I tell you every about the month I had where I was in a major missing mercedes evidently, because I kept running into your twins (of all assorted haircolours) everywhere?!)

Becka. said...

Love it!

And I can totally hear your mother's voice telling you you would never get married with black hair! (haha)

I ned some serious make-up help, let me tell ya.

Thanks for your comments on my blog last week...trust me, what you see on there as far as issues go is surface stuff. We should seriously compare notes when you get here. I blame RDL for all my problems....hahaha. JK. My kids totally go there. What am I thinking?!?!

Nice to hear what you've been up to lately. Can't wait to maybe actually see you! (I vote against hot yoga this time though...come to my BodyAttack class instead...)