Summer Do

This morning I had strawberries in my cereal. Finally it feels like summer! While eating I started thinking about the things I want to do in the next few months. Here is my list:

(because writing it down and posting it keeps me accountable)

1. SEW a dress. I was thinking this one is cute-ish (i.e. doesn't look like something an Amish person would wear--which it one of my biggest hang ups about homemade clothes).

the following:
The reviews on this Susanna Clarke book all say that it's a hard read but amazing: Jane Austen meets mystery (with lots of footnotes, which I love. I also like books with LOOONG introductions).

Because it is the only Austen I haven't read....and there are only so many times you can read Pride and Prejudice (or watch it, which is why I took the advice of my friend Nikki Kelly and put a movie called "Little Dorrit" in my Netflix cue--watching it is also a summer do).

Reading Allan Bloom takes me back to Political Science 100. Professor Heidi Studer rocked my world that year. She introduced me to Allan Bloom and reading him makes me nostalgic for that first year of university (which is sort of odd because I have tried to suppress all memories of that time in my life. I was pretty much a big fat disaster! And I do mean FAT!). I don't agree with everything Bloom says--but that if half the fun of reading his work.

3. PLANT my own basil garden. This tutorial makes it look super easy....but I feel about plants the way I feel about babies....TERRIFIED I WILL KILL THEM. Time to conquer my fears. Noelle, Miriam you two know what you are doing--does this tutorial look about right?

4. YOGA at the Cambridge Baptiste Studio--because nothing beats a sweaty downward dog!

5. CRUISE around Cape Cod on one a bike (but only for an hour MAX because am I the only one whose hips feel like they are going to explode after sitting on a bike for about 15 minutes?).

6. LEARN about anthropological theory (ya sounds like a blast eh?)

7. RUN along the Charles

(ok maybe it will be more like a shuffle. We went hiking today and I was out of breath after about 30 seconds of climbing. Maybe yoga isn't quite the cardio workout I thought it was. )

8. BAKE some Lemon Bars

I have been craving them for like three months and Starbucks is always out. Curses.

9. Pratiquez mon FRANCAIS. I am taking a course. Friends and family who speak the french, be warned: I'm gonna be in touch a whole lot because I can barely remember how to conjugate avoir.

What is on your summer-to-do list?


nerak said...

Love this list. Summer is amazing. Just think, if you moved to AZ it could be summer 12 months of the year!

Re #4: I totally went to my first yoga class on Tuesday!! I kind of felt like unflexible, no-muscles-whatsoever idiot, but I kind of loved it. I had road rage on Thursday and decided I need to go again. It worked. Mucho chilled out after (and super sweaty too -- tmi, but I seriously didn't know I could sweat so much!). Bottom line: I'm soooo hooked, and it reminded me of how you were telling me about your yoga teaching aspirations!

p.s. Not to make the longest comment in the world even longer, but I feel it important to note that I'm a lululemon girl all the way. Gotta support the Canadian brands!

Laureny said...

the dress looks cute, and i am sure you will make it fabulous- you little creative cat you!

i always kill my basil plants. can never seem to get it right.

i used to love the idea of biking around cape cod/martha's vineyard, now it makes me want to throw up.

i will miss the charles when i move.

can i take the same francais class?


Abbie said...

You are so good to make a list Mercedes! I am going to make one after this post. First of all, I kill plants too and I haven't killed my daughter (yet...) so I don't think those two correlate very well. I am attempting to keep a tomato, basil, oregano and parsley plant alive. They are hanging on for dear life.

Please contact me about French:

ai avons
as avez
a ont

Did I do it right? :)

BHW said...

You have quite a lengthy list of personal goals. Hope you have time in this full summer to develop social goals as well. Or are the lemon bars going to be shared with friends?

Mercedes said...

Karen: I love that you tried the sweaty yoga. Is it not the best thing ever? I am going to go to one of the Baptiste bootcamps one of these days--you should come with me--sometimes when a bunch of yogis get together they start saying really weird stuff and I need someone to roll my eyes with! Anyway the bootcamps are supposed to be really cool--you go to Hawaii for a week and do yoga and hang out on the beach. OHHHH this sounds fun. I am planning your next adventure (and it is with me!!!).

Lauren: Actually do you want to take the class with me? We could just copy my work books. Having someone do it with me will help keep me motivated!

Mom: that is a good point. I didn't think about developing myself socially. Maybe I will try to reconnect with old friends over the summer. I saw the lovely and talented Emily Jackson this weekend and had a blast catching up. I need more of that!