Crush on Cambridge

i've spent large portions of my life being HATING the place i lived. when i'd complain about it, people would say well intentioned things like "mercedes bloom where you are planted."

stuff like that makes me want to chew glass. now i get that a person should try to make the best of their situation, but any gardener knows some seeds just do better in some kinds of ground. i just happen to be one of those fussy kinds of seeds...

luckily, at present, i like the ground i am in. and before we leave cambridge*, i think it is high time for me to publicly admit** that i have a big fat crush on my hood.

here are just a few reasons:

(and pardon my lame amateur photography...i didn't start playing with cameras until about two weeks ago).

1. picket fences

2. fresh pond (our answer to central park's reservoir)
i can't decide if the best part is that it is a stone's throw from our house or if it is the amazing doggie swimming hole. is watching strangers dogs play in a park as creepy watching strangers kids play in the park? if so we both ought to be classified as dog predators.

3. amazing flower gardens

4. Formagio Italian Market:
the beloved cheese and oil section. chez mc^2 we love our fats.

5. Mari Mekko:i like to go in this store and oggle this textile designer's amazing fabric prints. at $50 a yard i have yet to buy any because you know i prefer to do things like eat this week.

6. and i walk everywhere.

What is your favorite part about your 'hood?

*on friday we leave cambridge for utah. i haven't cried about it this week. this is progress.
**the first time i came to boston i thought it was the most miserable, dreary place with the rudest people.during my nyc years i'd often proclaim that i'd rather live in "deadmonton" than boston. luckily first impressions aren't always the lasting impressions.


nerak said...

Haha, I totally remember your Boston-hatred. It was vehement.

You're not the only fussy seed. I like places more once I leave them. I'm trying to break that habit, because it's a bad one.

"Dog predators" = amazing.

Regina said...

i like that expression of a "fussy seed".
Utah already? sigh Utah is much further than Boston.
Good luck with the move...I hope your settle in comfortably and "bloom" in Utah.

I love the fact that I live on the Bord du lac (aka edge of the lake). Big old homes, lots of wildlife, a beautiful sailing lake and a great breeze...

Janine said...

Hi - and btw, Edmonton is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

But I love Boston. Umm...and Utah has Cafe Rio.

Mercedes said...

janine: you crack me up. cafe rio is on my top 5 good things about utah.

also what i failed to mention in my post is that i eventually fell in love with edmonton--it just took moving away (it isn't a stretch to say i actually would rather live in edmonton than utah)

regina: montreal is really so beautiful. i loved the image you painted of your neighborhood. i could use some breeze right now.

Emily said...

I <3 Formagio!!! that is one of my favorite places! I'm sure there are places like that here in LA... what do i love about where i live? a night time drive up the PCH when the sun is setting or you can see the moon reflecting off the ocean.

Bonnie Tonita White said...

Hey Mercedes first let me say that your pictures were impressive. I think the reason I always forgot the camera at important family events was that I could never take a picture without jiggling the camera and blurring it.

I am a fussy seed too - I would bloom beautifully in NW USA or give me anywhere right now in Europe as those happy holiday memories still linger.

But I am here in cowtown - but I am discovering some pretty wonderful things about this place that make it great. 1) Janine 2) Fish Creek Park 3) Kensington 4) Farmer's Market 5) Ya Ya Book Club 6) Saddledome concerts 7) lots and lots of people who know my name and I know them

Remember when we would go to Utah because we loved it on our holidays - okay it was a cheap holiday but we still loved it - loved the shopping (the Limited), loved Cafe Rio, loved the climate,loved the great old trees in the avenues, loved our cousins, loved hiking in the canyons and Snelgrove's Chocolate Almond Ice Cream?

You have lived in some pretty exciting places Mercedes: Montreal, Quito, Boston, New York, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary. And now SLC. You may need to fertilise this new soil by taking little trips somewhere else, but I promise you that if anyone can find the good and unusual it will be you. Love Mom

Alan. said...

Boston to Utah is kinda like trading in a brand new Ferrari for a 1979 Toyota POS. Yikes, good luck with that one. I feel for ya, but at least it's in the U.S. not up here in the average brown north.

Whitney Johnson said...

Fun post Mercedes.

Where is the Marimekko store?

Cambridge will miss you!

Mercedes said...

Mari Mekko is on Huron Ave. It is actually right across the street from my house. The stuff in there is a lot of fun.

nikki said...

Wow... UT... I am sure you will find things you like about it over time.. or maybe you will have to move away to appreciate it :) Good luck!