Cafe Rio Abuse Problem

3 days in utah, 3 nights at cafe rio.

i crave the salad.
(which i can eat entirely on my own in one sitting)
i like the soup too.

after three days of eating the same thing at the same establishment i could probably stand for some variety, but cafe rio is too cheap and too good and still completely novel, so maybe i should just get something besides my usual.

what do you recommend?


Abbie said...

I recommend more Cafe Rio. :) I did the same thing when I returned from my mission. I never get sick of Cafe Rio!! I'll think up some places we loved... but we also lived in Provo and were students with not too much variety. Ha ha!

Mike said...

My recommendation: Freschetta!

Bonnie Tonita White said...

The only other alternatives that I can recommend are Macaroni Grill Yum and Neilsen's Custard Double Yum Yum. See you soon. 5 more sleeps.

nerak said...

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Becka said...

I recommend eating there until you're so sick of it you can't stand the sight of the restaurant....then it will no longer be a problem! :)

Anonymous said...

Buca Da Beppo!!! So good, soo much food. Downtown SLC.

Lauren said...

ha! i just had homemade cafe rio... i think i was the only one at dinner who wasn't a BYU alum. so funny.

and i went to buca da beppo here in san fran, it is italian. not sure it is the same place as the reference above, but if so, it wasn't that great.

I MISS YOU!! come visit. i can promise you this: 1) good weather, 2) ME (of course), 3) the dish where we can go on dream hikes, 4) all the taquerias you could imagine... way beyond bocas- for sure... and 5) me, again!

Whitney Johnson said...

Mercedes --

Red Iguana in SLC!

It's Mexican food, but it is amazing.

I also like Cafe Trio.

My best,

Regina said...

oh dear does that look delicious! Send some to montreal! I could use a little of that kind of food goodness! I hope everything is going well in Utah!
take care,

Mercedes said...

thank you everyone for the recommendations! i can't wait to try them all.

Bonnie Tonita White said...

but let's do Cafe Rio one more time so I can enjoy it too.

Sarah said...

Where oh where is my Mercedes?
I'm missing you. Give me a call or email with your new phone number if you get a chance? We need to discuss your honeymoon plans!

nerak said...

i just remembered one. best EVER. tin angel cafe in downtown slc. we went for lunch and i was in heaven. the amazing thing is IT IS NOT A CHAIN. i didn't know that non-chain restaurants existed in UT.

leah.jane said...

you just have to try one-world-cafe at least once.

it's downtown salt lake, all organic & also caters to vegan/vegetarian crowd but has some meat dishes too.

so delish! and the best part? you pay what you think the meal was worth. and if you're short a little cash, you can do dishes to take care of the tab.

their moto: everybody eats! i love it there.

i think it's on like 500 east & 100 south.