Let's Play Balderdash!

excuses for failing to post:

1. in the last week i have consumed appropriately 75 cookies and subsequently gained 30 pounds rendering me completely immobile. my newly acquired canadian tire and relief society arms make it impossible for me to reach for my computer (not to mention get up).

(in my defense they were vegan cookies!)

2. i had h1n1. i had a fever of 106F. i was certain that if i put my laptop on my lap, the heat from my body would fry my precious apple.

(what makes me so mad about all of this is the fact that i spent 60 bucks on the nasty flu mist! 60 bucks goes a long way in utah, were milk only costs like 3 dollars! boston and nyc have totally wharped my perception of how much things should cost).

3. i've spent every spare moment during the last few days playing world of warcraft. yes, mercedes white plays world of warcraft (and she likes it). i have a level 60 warlock named bloodcurdle. be jealous.

4. i don' have a good excuse.

so friends, what is it that has been keeping my from my blogity blog?


Sarah said...

Well it isn't #1, since I KNOW from personal experience that you get to eat a whole lot more than 75 cookies to gain 30 pounds!

And I really hope it was NOT #2- Although I felt like I was getting a sunburn holding Esther when her fever was that high, so frying a computer wouldn't be a stretch...

#3, Oh dear. Is this what Utah does to people?

I venture to say that it is #4 that is true. But you don't need an excuse, I prefer talking to you on the phone (screaming kids in the background and all) than stalking your blog!

Love you!

Abbie said...

I agree... number 4. I'm sure hoping not #2 though it is possible.