Michael Makes Pie

i've been humming tunes from sweeney todd all week. ever since michael told me he wanted to make mincemeat pies for thanksgiving, i can't get "worst pies in london" out of my head (mincemeat really is the WORST kind of pie).

michael had never eaten mincemeat pie before he attempted making it. i am sure if he had, he wouldn't have tried. my first encounter with mincemeat (at age 10) had me running for the washroom as faster than you can say "seconds". indeed so disgusted was i with the idea of mincemeat that the very mention of it made my stomach turn for years.

michael was not to be deterred by the prospect of me loosing my cookies over his creation. he slaved away on his mincemeat for the better part of a week, tasting, tweeking, heating and reheating until he got just what he was looking for.

so in the spirit of sweeny todd:

michael carey's meat pies.....

and they are pretty good!

what kind of pie did you eat for thanksgiving?

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Bonnie Tonita White said...

I like mincemeat but if butter tarts are the choice, then I am going with that one. Michael's creation looks pretty tempting. I haven't seen Sweeney Todd yet though it is on my list. As for pie, what is it about that being the go to dessert for so many church functions? I want ice cream anything all the time.