Poker Face

i'm not sure how we got the idea, but last night michael and i ended up playing online poker (at the nickel and dime tables) until 2 am. we were up. we were down. in the end we lost all of our money, all five dollars of it.

how we figured we could beat the odds and win big last night is beyond me. maybe it was the fact that real salt lake beat the LA galaxy in the major league soccer championships in a shootout.
(utah guy in red. gross hair right?!?)
or maybe it was the fact that our favorite chef won the next iron chef competition.
(we are food network junkies. i like chef garces because he is ecuadorian)good things are supposed to come in threes right?

we were destined to win....

evidently, just not last night.

we are a good poker pair. i am prone to addiction and michael seems immune. i have a good hunches and he knows how to do the math. we may end up in a debtors prison as we dig ourselves into a whole, five dollars at a time....

or who knows, maybe we'll win big and go pro.

good things do come in threes after all.

wish us luck in our quest for easy money.

(who else plays....we should have a game night online...alan benson i'm talking to you!).


Alan said...

it's on like donkey kong girl.

but do you really play world of warcraft? say it ain't so.

Bonnie Tonita White said...

GmaW plays Scrabble online. GpaW plays Hearts. If my mother could figure it out and get over her hangups about technology, I suspect she would enjoy playing bridge online. Social networking has reduced the world and increased our play time. Once you make all that easy money, you can buy me a fur coat. Really. I want one.