i heart cowtown

since 14 i had one goal: get out of dodge. as far as i was concerned calgary was the most miserable, boring, uninspiring place on earth. my recent trip home, however, had me appreciating cowtown to a degree heretofore unfathomable.

calgary had me at free wireless at the airport, but i fell hook, line, and sinker over:

1. free luggage carts at the airport

2. sobey's: it makes whole foods look like reams
(if you don't know what reams is, consider yourself one of the lucky ones).

3. my parents' steam shower, where i spent about 12 hours a day.
(don't worry mom i squeegeed the ceiling after i used it)

4. the great canadian stupidstore. two words: joe fresh.

5. alberta beef

6. free health care
(NOT a word michael!)

this list, of course, doesn't include the obvious things like....family...friends... or fernando.

ex-pats out there, what are your favorite things about the motherland?


nerak said...

5 cent candies at gas stations, the Canadian indie music scene, Banff/Lake Louise, Purdy's mini chocolate hedgehodgs, people who know a world exists outside of North America, nanaimo bars, I could go on and on...

Oh, and I TOTALLY second your Canadian grocery stores comment. Food in Canada = a million times better.

Alan said...

Please refrain from posting on your blog whilst high.

Target. Need I say more?

Come on Mercedes, get that hubby of yours elected already so we can get our green cards.

FYI just spent a week in California. Loved. Every. Minute.

Lauren said...

mercedes... i love that you have finally developed a crush on cow-town.

it was SO nice to go home at christmas. i like you, was reminded why canadia is worth missing.

joes at stupid store was actually a stop on the way home from the airport when i went home for christmas. i cannot get enough, although, i only walked a way with a cute pair of plaid tartan flats.

i totally agree with karen. every time i gas up at 711 i HAVE to get a twizzelator and possibly a slush. i love those 25cent candies.

and that brings me to another thing i love and miss: twizzelators, licorice, and nibs- THEM ALL! WAY WAY WAY better than in the states.

ice and hockey- i was able to skate around with my stick and puck on christmas day and words cannot describe the feeling of the cold winter air on my face and the sound of my stick to the puck. i didn't get enough that is for sure.

TIM HORTONS maple glaze timbit. 'nuff said.

my mother's cooking. AMAZING!!!!

well now that i am just thinking about this list i want to go back. next up is nov for my grandparents 60th wedding anniv. and hopefully/possibly in april for my grandmother's 80th. but for now, california (and i agree with alan here) is quite fabulous. so i am quite happy!!