not long ago i realized that i have been making the same new year's resolutions since i was 12: stop biting nails, be nicer to my family, write in journal every day, make a quilt, be more artistic, do 500 situps each night....

if you think that after 16 years i'd make some progress on at least some of these fronts, you'd be mistaken. i am still the same moody, nail-biting, canadian-tire-sporting girl i was as a teenager.

admitting that kind of made me feel like crap, so i gave up on resolutions all together for awhile. i decided that resolutions are just a total waste of time, and failure is inevitable, and improvement is impossible and all kinds of other not very uplifting things.

this year i have stared to wonder, however, if the reason i have always been unsucessful with my new years goals is because i keep focusing on things that i either don't like or am not that good at naturally (i mean quilting, seriously).

isn't that how it is supposed to work though, you set a goal to improve at something you aren't very good at? yes. but does it have to be? why on earth to i think i need to be a quilter? why not just focus on becoming better at something i am already good at or like doing?

so i am trying it. next year i will have read the paper every day, have increased my scrabble average to 430 (on two person games), i will try a new recipe each week, and i will become a math master.

i'll let you know how it goes. here i am honing my scrabble skills over christmas with michael and gma and gpa white. what do you think of my christmas uniform? i wore that number for about 4 days straight. i didn't shower either. miraculously my husband still finds me attractive.


Michaela said...

I like those resolutions much more than nail biting and situps. Nail biting's not so bad, and who needs situps anyway?

Abbie said...

Girl, I got my nails done on my birthday and haven't bitten them since (about three weeks ago). I've made sure to keep polish on them at all times. :) Try it.

Regina said...

I like your resolutions! They are fun and attainable. I definitely like yours better than mine!
Good luck!

ps. I second the nail biting...I bought myself six things: a good all in one nail file/buffer (revlon), a metal cuticle pusher, cuticle clippers, Essie"first base" base coat, Essie "sugar daddy" 473, super pale pink not sparkly just classy, and Essie top coat "to dry for"

My nails are looking great and it only takes about 20 all together once a week. Use the Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Handles as a good cuticle moisturiser

Sarah said...

I adore Scrabble!

Love your resolutions, Mercedes.
Another one for you... Tell me about Las Vegas already!!!

Lauren said...

mercedes, i have never noticed your nail biting problem. i was SO bad at that as a kid and i will also agree with the 2 above comments. since i had my first manicure i was unable to nibble and they grew. it is guaranteed...

i love the resos. i think i have a problem with overdoing it. my list os SO LONG!! good luck!

and i love the 4day outfit and of course michael still finds you attractive. YOU ARE HOT! freshly out of the shower or in the same outfit 4 days in a row...