camera shy

we aren't really a picture family. i can count on one hand the number of times we've had family portraits done. i don't ever recall taking pictures on family outings or holidays.

we don't do it often, because when we do, all hell breaks loose.

we fight. we make fun of each other. we get all j.lo and demand retake after retake because someone looks fat. we grumble about what we are supposed to wear. and then, in a move to cut the tension my mom might make us sing something like "families can be together forever" which is the type of move that usually makes things worse....

but the other night, at cousin caitlin's* wedding--the stars aligned for a few minutes--and the white fam** took themselves some pictures. catch'em while their hot friends because this probably won't happen for another twenty years.

(bob, bonnie, kristen, nathan, caitlin, mercedes, joshua, rachel)

(mercedes, nathan, joshua, rachel)
(don't you love me and rax rocking the kimmy kardashian pose?)
(the photographer told us it would make us look thinner and we are suckers for that kind of thing.)
(does it?)

* caitlin (the bride) is our cousin on my dad's side. she cleans up pretty good eh?
** the girl between nathan and my mom is kristin, nathan's fiance. she cleans up pretty good too eh?

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