golden heart gets married

i realized had a kindred spirit in liz quist when she (looking at some books on my shelf) asked what i thought about allan bloom's critique of education in america. my heart probably skipped a beat. not only did this girl know who allan bloom was, she'd read enough of him to have a conversation about his ideas.

oh my world.

after a string of bad relationships* where our most interesting conversations were about where to eat dinner, i forgot that there were people out there who liked to get down to it. people who liked to talk books and religion and politics.

we spent the four months yakking our faces off. it was glorious. and even though she moved and then i moved and we haven't been able to see each other as much as we'd like, it is one of those friendships where you just pick up where you left off.

so on saturday--at her wedding--i yakked liz's head off and she was gracious enough to not tell me to shut up because it was her wedding day and she had a lot of people to talk to. dear liz i love you and am so happy for you (and dan).

trip to dc forthcoming.

pencil in an 8 hour double dinner date. we're gonna need it.

* with men


Abbie said...

You're coming to DC? When!? And I would love to talk politics and religion. :)

Mercedes said...


I would love to talk about all those things with you WHILE we go for an epic walk around DC.

I don't know when we are coming.....but we are coming.....

soon. to an airport near you.

Bonnie White said...

You look beautiful in this picture Mercedes. And I am glad you have friends with whom you can exchange ideas and insights.

nerak said...

you. look. amazing.

sorry that i'm definitely one of those friends more concerned with food than politics and ideas. guilty! :)

Mercedes said...

when i said "relationships" i meant ones with men--not ones with beloved candian/de shaw/nyc neighbour friends. i long for no judgments movie clubs. get thy self to park city! movie season is coming up!

also since i started doing macarons--well let's just say that i talk and think almost exclusively about food.

the mitt romeny post was a challenge from michael to "stretch myself" to write something non food related.

Louise Plummer said...

Two gorgeous friends.

Regina said...

This particular post makes me miss having chats with you while you were in Montreal! You look lovely! I hope all is well!

Liz said...

Mercedes! I was catching up on blogs post all the wedding mayhem and was overwhelmed when I found this post. I'm so filled with love and gratitude for you and our wonderful time together. I can't thank you enough for not only being there for me for all the fun events but being there for me in the ways I really needed help as well. What would I have done without you?? You are such a dear friend. SO look forward to that 8-hour dinner date (may it be sooner than later). Love you!!! Liz