Peachy Keen

Remember when I said I have peach hair?

I wasn't kidding.

I was going for pink.  To do that you have to bleach out your hair.  I was game. My hair, however, was not.  So I'm giving it a summer vacation.

Coconut oil on the ends.
Kerastase Chronologist treatments.
Argan oil for styling.

Its dry as the sahara--but with a little help from my friend "southern humidity" these locks will be ready for pink in no time.  

One of these days I will post something of substance.  Maybe.


Liz said...

You could pull off any hair color!!

Liz said...

And it looks adorable! :)

Mercedes said...

thank you thank you!

leah jane said...

I've been waiting for this after seeing all those pink hair pins. Can't wait to see the pink. In the mean time enjoy Alabama, I love the south! For sure post lots!

LiNds said...

Hmmm... yes, this all reminds me of a certain picture I have of you after our hair dye purchase in Undergrad....