Air Show

before we met, michael was in the air force. he did a few tours of duty before starting law school, which technically makes him a veteran (and for some reason that totally cracks me up because when i think vet i think hippies from the movie born on the 4th of july and that is so-o not michael).

anyway when michael decided to go to law school they transferred him from an active duty unit to the air national guard. he goes one weekend a month to do "stuff" for the national guard. last weekend i went with him to see their annual air show.

here are some pictures....specifically for sarah who wanted to see a picture of michael in his uniform.
here i am with canada's pithy contribution to areal defense. these planes are OLD and they smell like something the dog did. oh canada, your planes leave something to be desired but your universal health care system still makes my heart go pitter patter.

michael looks mad in this picture. he isn't, but if he were it might have something to do with the fact that "someone" had been pestering him for twenty minutes to go on the airplane astro jump in the background. apparently going on an astro jump at age 31 is conduct not becoming of an officer....

oh please.


Abbie said...

Ha ha! Love it!

Sarah said...

I love it! That astro jump is awesome! How high is that thing?!!
Just managed to get my internet working now- Can we talk tomorrow? Are you around in the day?

Alan said...

I want that bouncy castle!!! The U.S. has the best toys. So remember when we met and you were mean and I decided to call you Pontiac instead of Mercedes to be a jerk? That was funny, right??

Can we call him Maverick? Goose? ICE MAN!!

Bonnie Tonita White said...

Alan your jokes crack me up. Goose! That is a good one. Michael you look right smart in your uniform.