Special Delivery

last night we went to public enemies. it's ok, but then, i am generally easily entertained. we got to the theater about ten minutes before the movie started because in my opinion half the reason you go to a movie is to see the previews (who isn't dying over the julie and julia preview?)

anyway we are sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to start....and all i can think about are cupcakes. a new little shop opened up around the corner from the theater and i was trying to figure out if i had enough time to make a cupcake run and get back in time for the first preview.

i didn't so we settled on a LARGE bag of popcorn (with extra butter topping--it is gross--i know-- don't judge me). by the time our movie was over the cupcake shop was closed, but i still had cupcakes on the mind.

which is why to my great surprise and delight i had a special cupcake delivery this afternoon. 12 perfect petite gateaux. they are all now gone. as you can see when i comes to cupcakes, in this house we don't mess around.

sarah you are so thoughtful, so generous, and your timing is impeccable. i'm so lucky to have a friend like you. i can't wait for a cupcake fest in person. soon!


nerak said...

I saw Public Enemies last night too! Definitely underwhelming, considering the Depp-Bale-Cotillard combo. Saddening.

It DID make me want to re-watch 3:10 to Yuma for some strange reason. I miss my No Judgments movie friend!

Glad you got your cupcake fix!

Sarah said...

I am loving your hair color! And that is the best picture i've seen of you & Michael yet!
Glad you loved them, and I CAN'T WAIT for you guys to be able to cross the border again. I promise not to fatten you up too much but there is a cake I must make for you!