Chicago Trip

chicago made quite the impression on me: architecture, clean streets, museums, friendly cab drivers (with an endless repertoire of dirty jokes). surprise surprise, the thing that made the biggest impression on me was the food (also the reason i currently have to lay down to do up my jeans). in particular i fell in love with the pizza pot pie at chicago pizza and oven grinder.

i know it sounds gross. it even kind of looks gross...but it is heaven on a plate and I NEED MORE. i used to think people who have food items delivered across the country are nut jobs....but then i guess it takes one to know one because guess who just looked into pizza pot pie delivery???

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Lauren and Steve said...

Mercedes....I love that you posted about this!!! It is to die for isn't it? I am so glad you liked it! It was so fun getting to meet you while you were in Chicago! Maybe I will get to visit you in Boston some time! How is everything with Arbonne going?