Dirty Thirties

whew. things were getting very grade 12 social studies there for a while. thank your lucky stars i haven't put up my posts on abortion, gay rights and euthanasia.

for the last few weeks i've been freaking out about the fact that i'm staring 30 down the barrel. i'm not sure what set me off. could be the three long hairs that appeared on my neck the other day. or maybe it was that i've been informed by medical professionals that i need to wear support hose every day if i don't my legs to turn into a rope vein mess (and i'm not even with child). or maybe it was my mom describing my grandma's saggy skin (from the sound of it genetics aren't on our side).

in any event i'm all in a huff about anti-aging. my mother's advice: start saving for boxtox. probably wise. so i will. but i have also been looking into taking better care of my skin (ie maybe washing my face every once in a while) in an effort to turn back time. over the next few days i am going to share what i've learned and how it worked or me. if you have anything that really works for you--tell me! i love hearing about people's skin care rituals.

also it doesn't really matter how cray-cray it is because i'm not above trying anything. once i read online that if you bathe in coffee it will help you feel less bloated. i filed that little piece of info away until one day, when i was feeling especially water logged, and decided to try it. i went to the store bought instant coffee granules, drew a nice hot bath and dumped the jar of coffee in. it was pretty lovely (nice smelling too). i'd call it a successful home remedy except as i watched my two hour bath water drain (admittedly kinda gross) i realized i'd dyed the bath tub brown. dentists aren't kidding around when they talk about coffee stains. the good news: it only took about 4 liters of bleach to remove.

some asians enjoying a coffee bath. they have to coolest skin care remedies like coffee baths and gold fish that eat dead skin off your body.


RACHEL said...

1. support hoes are especially attractive when paired with your anti vein clogs.
2. I never wash my face...all but once in a while after I sport some make-up...but better than botox is the surgery to get rid of the skin sag fold ontop of the eye...NOT SEXY!
3. I am worried about my butt...because you can get all the work on your face but then when you get old and have to be naked (sometimes people get lucky on their anniversaries) well there BUTT & BOOBS look not the best...as in down right nasty. Even for my own eyes, I pray I go early.
The only way to go is blissful and pleasantly disoriented when you get old...

Mercedes said...

use argan oil! smells so good AND fades stretch marks.

Louise Plummer said...

Eventually, this all becomes a losing battle. We age; we age.