Why You Shouldn't Vote for Rick Perry: Part Two

He doesn't have a clue about how to create jobs.

perry holds up the fact that texas has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country as evidence of his skill at managing the affairs of a state and why americans should choose him to be their president in 2012. since creating jobs and renewing the stalled economy are at the top of so many people's priority list, perry's record is worth considering. if he kept the economy in texas afloat, could he do the same for the rest of the country?

the short answer is, probably not.

perry's success as governor has more to do with the fact that his tenure coincided with skyrocketing oil prices than any job creating prowess on his part. because oil accounts for over 25 % of the texas economy, growing profits and tax revenues in this sector have helped offset losses in other industries.

and the losses in other areas of the economy haven't been as bad as they have in other areas of the country either. that is because the benefits of a strong oil and gas industry trickle down. in texas, just like in alberta, high oil prices mean that the lawyers and accountants and home builders and restaurants are also have work. the price of oil drives those economies and unfortunately for rick perry, the price of oil is something he can't take credit for.

so don't count on a perry government to create jobs, unless that is, he finds a way to make oil out of thin air.


Bonnie White said...

From my observation of American politics, it wouldn`t matter what evidence you provided against Rick Perry because it`s the party and not the man who count. It`s interesting to study how Stelmach responded much too slowly and then added insult to injury by adding royalties to the equation while Ralph cut spending drastically until the oil and gas industry recovered.. Stelmach is a farmer. Farmers do not make good politicians. Perry is a farmer. Is this an LSAT logic questionÉ

Mercedes said...

bhahaha mom you are so funny!

funny how farmers don't make great politicians and yet alcoholic radio hosts do. that isn't a dig at ralph. i think he is one of the most brilliant politicians ever, but it is kind of surprising how a guy with a drinking problem and a grade 8 education completely overhauled alberta.

Louise Plummer said...

I'm patiently waiting for Part III.

RACHEL said...

clearly jobs isn't everything when you take into considerations Texas health stats. Texas has one of the highest percentage of population without insurance, high incidences of diabetes and childhood obesity, limited prenatal care, and large percentage of children living in poverty. Plus I also think half of their jobs are military jobs considering they are all in love with Uncle Sam...which Rick Perry cant take credit for either. Texas is ranked 40th in Americas Health Rankings. Interestingly enough, UTAH was rated SECOND PLACE for health rankings in 2009, although now is 7.
I still think both states suck.