body brushing

so in the comments on one of my other skin care posts, my sister made some wise crack about making sure to take out time to buff puff my butt.  when she said it, i don't think she knew i am an avid butt buffer.  have been for years.  and now you get to hear all about it.  (except since this is a family blog, and butt buff puff sounds kind of unladylike, let's call it "body brushing" from now on ok?)

i first read about body brushing in a weight loss book by marilu henner.  at the time i had a canadian tire or two to lose, but was more interested in reading about losing weight than actually losing weight.  more to the point, i wanted to find ways to look thinner without giving up my 8 twizzleators and family size onion rings a day habit.

anyway marilu (and i didn't even know who she was or why she was famous) takes a whole chapter of the book to blab about how dry body brushing has all these benefits including minimizing cellulite and reducing bloating.  i read that and i was on body brushing like white on rice.

its pretty simple.  start with dry skin (ie pre bath/shower). take a brush start at your feet and brush up towards your heart.   i use this brush i picked up at riteaid or ulta or something. after i finish brushing, i like to slather myself in argan oil or coconut oil.  i can't promise that it will get rid of your cellulite but it will make you feel fantastic. fant-ASS-tic.  sorry mom.  i couldn't help myself.


Bonnie White said...

You girls have to take your mother shopping to get me hooked up with all the latest. It's just way too easy to slip away into sagging dehydrated bloated oblivion.

Louise Plummer said...

I hate to say it, but eventually none of this makes a difference. Of course, that time is a million years away for you. Have I already said this?

Andrea said...

i'm still in the reading about weight loss rather than exercising and dieting mode ;) i will have to give this one a try though!

nathan said...

hehe, pun.

Leann said...

Cellulean reviews made it clear that anti-cellulite products will only make cellulite less noticeable and recommended exercise, diet and dry brushing. I was wondering if there is a specific brush that I could use for dry brushing?