skin care don'ts from courtney love

I've been a big fan of the band hole ever since rax and i took a trip to utah circa 2000 and listened to celebrity skin for 16 hours straight (well that and teenage dirtbag). if you aren't familiar with the song take a listen:

my favorite line of the song is in the chorus when she sings, "when i wake up, in my makeup its too early for that dress." man can i relate. i wake up with raccoon eyes on a regular basis because if i stay up late (and i often do) i'm terrible about washing my face (ie it doesn't happen).

i read in people magazine (while at the hair salon the other day) that kim k keeps makeup wipes by her bed so that she can lay in her bed and still take her makeup off. hmmm if kim k is doing ot maybe it is something to try?

but now i'm not so sure.

if i put a stack of wipes beside my bed i'd end up with black wipes all over the bedroom floor (gross) because if i am too lazy to to wash my face i am i am definitely too lazy to get up to throw the wipe out.

plus i worry about residue from those things.

has anyone tried makeup wipes? how do they work for you? what are your favs?


Anonymous said...

Just wash your face.

Mercedes said...

anon: wow you are just fully of good advice aren't you!

Sabriel said...

ha ha anonymous. wow. Hi mercedes! I use yes to cucumbers makeup wipes. 98% natural! And in the morning I (try) to throw them away. Your blog is awesome and hilarious.

leah jane said...

I love makeup wipes, so fast, so easy. Also, I have a garbage can on the opposite side of my bedside table, so it's just a toss away. :)