some of my friends spent a good chunk of our adolescence planning their weddings. they knew what their dress would look like, what they would use as guest favors, what colors they would decorate with and so on.

i hated men until about 24--and so i didn't think a lot about what i wanted my wedding to be like. assuming i got over my all consuming hatred of men and tied the knot, i did have a small list of things i wanted. back in those days my ultra romantic wedding wish list looked something like this:
  • elopement (which fulfills the "ultra romantic" requirement on my list. clearly, i read too many cheesy novels as a kid)
  • white pantsuit in lieu of wedding dress (NOT like ellen, LIKE christy brinkley circa 1994)
  • delicious post ceremony dinner (because nothing says celebration like an opportunity to eat my emotions).
michael and i were married on Friday. here is how i did on my oldie wedding wish list:
  • i think, technically, if you invite your parents it doesn't count as an elopement (but i am so glad we did invite our parents--i mean seriously a wedding without parents?!?).
  • the white pantsuit turns out to be one of those good in theory, bad in practice things. wedding dress shopping is hard. i gave up and bought a purple dress (accented with beautiful peonies picked out for me by my lovely mother.)
  • we had the most amazing dinner at oceanaire (i'm still full and it is sunday).

so even though i basically bombed my wedding wish list (1/3 is kinda bad)....i am so happy with how things worked out. Isn't it just the best when something works out better than you'd imagined it!


Alan Benson said...

You both look amazing and blissed out, big congrats Mercedes (and Michael)!!

Can't wait to meet this lucky man!

Sarah said...

You look gorgeous! And blissful! And just oh so very happy!
I'm glad you decided on that dress. It is very hubba-hubba on you! You look like you stepped out of a magazine.
And shoot- Alan just beat me to comment.

Can't wait to see you in person soon, Mrs. Carey!
Love you & I know Michael knows how very lucky he is to have you as his wifey!

Mercedes said...


you two kill me! i am still editing it! i love you both so much. i am blissed out!

Mom said...

I don't think Michael will ever forget how lucky he is to have Mercedes. I know this because he held out for her for years. He has been annoyingly picky when it comes to women. Mercedes is his first girlfriend, and his last. She is his dream girl. I love how he has changed since he met Mercedes and how happy she has made him.

And I must say she has been a dream come true for our family, too. I'm not going to say she fits right in because she is such an extraordinary, classy person, but she has smitten us all.

I'm still pinching myself after attending the wedding. We felt so comfortable and happy with the Whites. The love and peaceful, wonderful feelings were palpable the entire day and we are still riding the coattails.

I am not the mom who thinks that there is no woman alive that is good enough for my son. I am the mom who is thanking God that Michael found Mercedes.

Laureny said...

wow, mercedes!! just reading michael's mother's post is making me teary!!!

i am so happy that things worked out your way and that it turned out to be such a beautiful day, that you were able to share your special day with your parents, and that you found someone you can love, who loves you, who you want to share the rest of your life

i want to attest to marjean's comment: "I don't think Michael will ever forget how lucky he is to have Mercedes." mercedes, you are amazing. i am so happy for you!!!!!


Jessica said...

Mercedes I am so happy for you! I am thrilled that your parents were there and I am so thrilled that you have such an amazing husband and mother in law who both obviously see what a phenomenal person you are.

I hope I get to meet him sometime.

Bonnie Tonita White said...

BEing a parent provides many moments to treasure. The day I held you in my arms - your eyes were wide open and very clear.You examined me just as I did you. The day you grinned your first drooly smile. The day the tooth fairy would visit. The day you were getting ready for school and told us it was "damn cold outside". The day you shared your experience of knowing what to study for your exam. The day you felt you understood why you were in graduate school. The day you married. As you and Michael exchanged your vows with promises to love and to understand one another, your mutual love and respect radiated in that lovely court room. I will treasure witnessing that moment. It warmed my heart and helped quiet my petty concerns and worries. I look forward to the "Stuff You are Going to Do" as a married couple. We used to tease you Mercedes that it was going to take a heck of boy to beat no boy at all. You weren't ever boy crazy and certainly scrutinized anyone who could get close enough. You have found a heck of a boy now who gets you, who loves you and will walk beside you. Thanks for inviting us and letting us share that time together with you.

Emily said...

congrats Mercedes! only having just emailed a few times, I love weddings of all shapes and sizes and LOVE your dress... who says it has to be white and puffy! This is one of my favorite sites for off the wall/beaten path weddings: http://www.rocknrollbride.com/

Congrats on married life! next stop, documentary films!

Whitney said...

Stunning Merecedes!

Congratulations again!

Gloria said...

mercedes, you look gorgeous!!! so happy for you and CONGRATS

nerak said...

Lady, I am so happy for you. Seriously. You look gorgeous, as usual. Love you.

Momma Juj said...

You look amazing and Congrats! I am so happy for you!

Abbie said...

Oh my gosh, how did I not wish you a big congrats on your blog?! You are so gorgeous M! Love you!

nikki said...

Wow!! I didn't even know you were engaged. Congratulations!!! Sounds like it was the perfect day for you despite what adolescent wish lists might suggest. We are really happy for you.

SLP said...

Wishing you every happiness...

Emily said...

Yay Mercedes! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and Michael. I know we only got to meet Michael for a short amount of time, but you two seemed perfect for each other. I'm so happy everything turned out so beautifully.