By Popular Request...

Levian Knockoffs:

2 sticks of butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
3/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
3 1/3 cup flour
2 cups chocolate chips
chopped walnuts to taste.

that's right no vanilla.

mix ingredients. chill dough overnight (i have NO idea why but it makes a huge difference in how the cookies turn out). shape dough into 12 "patties" (yes it only makes 12 but they are big so instead of eating a dozen cookies like i normally do, i just eat four). bake at 350 for 16-18 minutes. this temp/time combo will give you a cookie that is slightly crispy on the edges and soft and chewy in the middle. They should look something like this:

(picture poached from lauren's blog)

oh and by the way....i totally won the cookie eat off...and i have the love handles to prove it.


Bonnie Tonita White said...

I was looking more carefully at this recipe - it is pretty close to Adele Webster's great recipe except it takes less flour. And what exactly is a stick of butter? You really have embraced American living. How much is a stick? We only buy butter in Canada by the pound.

Bonnie Tonita White said...

Oh one more thing: Adele's takes less flour - 2 1/4 cup for 1 pound of butter and two eggs and 1 tsp vanilla. I guess it really isn't the same except for the sugar.

Mercedes said...

i know....a stick....that is how the come i swear it! i just went to check on it, and each stick is 1/2 cup or 125 mg if you prefer.

will you send adele's recipe?

Emily said...

since we've emailed you show up on my gchat status and i found your lovely blog! I'm so in need of chocolate chip cookies and can't wait to try this! yay!

Laureny said...

ok.... i am going to make these asap!