Eat Your Heart Out Mrs Field:

so it took:

6 cups of flour

4 eggs

a pound of butter

two days and two tries,

but i did it. i made a perfect chocolate chip cookie; slightly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. a levian bakery knockoff.....actually i think they are better. sorry sarah, no chickpeas in these (i decided to master "normal" cookies before i branch off into experimental baking).

and just in case you are interested, our cookies consumed count is:

mercedes 4 michael 4 (but if you count all the dough i ate, i'm the clear winner)


nikki said...

There is something so gratifying about making the perfect chocolate chip cookie...you make me want to go in the kitchen and bake some right now...

Abbie said...

you are adorable!!

Sarah said...

I love it!
Are you still addicted to PB? I need someone to pass on all my recipes too since Rax (yes, we call her that all the time) is allergic.

I think you need a better apron though. Maybe I need your address.

Mercedes said...

ya BP continues to be a major problem. actually this morning i was snarfing down some dry cereal (still hate milk) and started thinking about those cereal bars you made with PB and chocolate....i think i need that recipe!