Commencement Day

let me tell you: harvard does it right. when i graduated we sat in an auditorium for like 5 hours while they read the names of every student who graduated from the faculty of arts and sciences. it was long. it was boring. i fell asleep. for michael's graduation we got to sit outside and munch on a delicious lunch while they read the names of all the people we didn't care about. totally painless....which is the least they could do after three looooong years of law school.

here is to the class of 2009!

michael with his parents marjean and george

me and michael


Abbie said...

MERCEDES! How is it that you always have such cute hair?!?! I want your haircut now! But I know if I were to do it, it would be flat and scary looking. Please come visit me and save me from frump like you have your mom!

Bonnie Tonita White said...

I read about the commencement exercises at the Harvard Law website. The keynote speaker sounded like someone worth listening to. Michael your parents must be so proud of you. Congratulations!

Jessica said...

Congratulations Micheal! Mercedes you look fabulous as always. I am excited for you two to be in DC. I will be there in July for a visit. Mercedes, I miss you!

Sarah said...

You make a gorgeous couple!
Congratulations to Michael- What an accomplishment!

nerak said...


I tried calling you the other day, but your voicemail is always full. Time for a catch up! I'm going to NYC June 19-22... Maybe you should come down from Boston... :)

nikki said...

Yay for graduation! Congrats Michael! and all graduations should have lunch while they read that obscenely long list of names.

Mercedes said...

nikki: the lunch bit was brilliant. it didn't hurt either that they served the best chocolate chip cookies since levian bakery.

karen: ya my phone went for a swim in a bag that had an open bottle of propel in it and i've been too lazy to get a new one. kellie coburn is going to be in beantown those days....wannna come up here to hang out? only 15 dolla on fung wahhhh!!

abbie: i'm going to call you tonight!