Help Your Self to an Opinion

sometimes forming an opinion about issues is difficult. i'd like to say i have an opinion about the financial crisis, or the auto bailouts, or obama's economic stimulus plans, but based on the media coverage i've seen and read, i'm just confused. it is hard to find analysis that isn't overly emotional or ideological, analysis that is based on research and facts instead of just public opinion, analysis that presents both sides of an issue. intelligence squared is here to make opinion forming easier, one debate at a time. using oxford style debating (one motion, one moderator, two groups of experts facing off), intelligence squared helps inform the public about policy debates by putting experts on each side of an issue into conversation with each other. if you are looking to form an opinion on anything from is it ok to pay for sex to should illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in the usa, chances are they have debated it over at intelligence squared.

you can buy tickets and watch the debates live in nyc or if you are cheap like me you can listen on npr.

what issue do you want to form an opinion about?


Abbie said...

That's really cool. I'll have to listen in sometime. Hmm... I think my problem is that I have an opinion about many things but perhaps not enough evidence to back up my claims other than a few articles I have read and my own thoughts.

Sarah said...

I'm actually really interested in learning more about stem cell research. What exactly gets people so angry about it, and figure out if I think the pros outweigh the cons.
We saved Esther's cord blood (since it is supposedly a great source for stem cells?) hoping that we'll never need to use it someday; but i'd be interested to see what exactly it could be used for with research.

I had soooo much fun talking to you last night- When I hung up the phone and saw we talked for 1hour43minutes, I was in awe. It didn't feel that long to me. We'll need to do it more often. And I have so many more questions for you about your summer-
We'll talk SOON!

Mercedes said...

you saved her stem cells?!? COOOL!!! actually it is funny that you mention this topic because michael and i have been talking about this a lot. i am for it. i'd even be ok with them making people that didn't have brains to do research on. i am ok with it because in my mind a person without a brain isn't a person. what makes us human isn't a pulse or blood flowing through our viens--it is the ability to experience and to think and communicate. without a brain those things aren't going to happen ergo you aren't a human.

i bet iq2 has a discussion about it. oh man how is this for a dorky idea: we both listen to a debate and then talk about it. ok my geeky little mind is going out of control here!

it was so much fun talking to you. i can't believe we talked for 2 hours...and believe me i could have gone on longer! i can't wait until the next time we talk...geez i didn't even tell you the exciting stuff i am trying to work on right now. we'll get to it eventually.

Janine said...

Sometimes I'm not even sure what I SHOULD have an opinion about!! Intelligence squared is a good place for me to start.

Also - are you going to share your cookie recipe?

And I completely understand the Dem/Rep confusion - I have a hard time with how partisan the US has become. If you like something a republican says, then you MUST be a republican. I find that, in the US especially, it's frowned upon to not agree with ALL of your party's policies, or (gasp!) even to agree with some of the other party's ideas.

I have never found a political party anywhere that I have agreed with 100% - and I doubt I ever will.