no pants. no problem: day 3

friends: getting michael to take a picture of me where i don't look pregnant or high is turning out to be tricky. in this picture i look like a gnome. the thing is that beyond point and shoot, when it comes to cameras neither of neither of us have the first clue what we are doing. can anyone give us some hints?!?!
skirt: gap, turtleneck: gap, boots: i dunno, i think macy's, bedding: dwell studio for target.


Abbie said...

I think you look amazing, but since you asked how to improve the photos, find a well lit room in your house, but not with direct light. Turn your face toward the light source (so that you're well lit) and turn off the flash. The flash seems to make funny shadows, especially when one is next to a wall.

Mercedes said...

ohh abbie thank you. thank you. thank you.

i wish i could have you take my photos!

Mike said...

Who says I don't know anything about taking photos?