on zumba

we joined a gym. there are lots of nice machines, rooms for group classes, racquetball courts, two pools, a climbing wall and some basketball courts. there is a lot i could do there, but, for the most part all i've wanted to do is hang out in the steam room.

my rationale: steam rooms, like working out, involve lots of sweating. but then someone reminded me that they don't require much in the way of personal effort.....

but zumba does. so this week i tried it.

now i'm just going to go ahead and say it: i judge a book based on its cover. had i seen a zumba class before actually attending a zumba class there is no way in H. E. double hockey sticks i would have gone.


because at our gym zumba class consists of a bunch of former cheerleader cougar types shaking their bon-bons for an hour. i don't so much have a problem with old timers shaking it like a polaroid picture. what freaks me out is when the class is full of ladies who have 20 year old bodies and a 75 year old faces (presumably from spending too much time in the toaster tanning oven). but then again....that is sandy, utah for you.

so i am standing there waiting for the class to start and kind of feeling like an idiot because:
1. i have a 12 year old face and a 80 year old body.
2. i do not have a tan.

but then the music came on, lady gaga's poker face, and before i knew it i was bouncing around with the best of them. the high point came when we did a bollywood inspired dance.

i liked that one so much that i came home and downloaded the song so i can PRACTICE at home.....because i think i have found my new passion in life: being a zumba bollywood dancer. forget law school. i'm going to make it in bombay!

oh ya. and i am really sore. the kind of sore where you can't lay on your back at night because the pressure from the weight of your body on your backside really hurts.


Sherrie said...

I LOVE Zumba! I'm the totally uncoordinated one who has been going for months and even though I know the moves, I still look like a robot. At my gym it's the Friday 9:30 class that's full of ex-cheerleader types. My 6am class is totally safe. I still sweat 800 calories worth, but I'm not sore anymore :( Thank goodness for weights classes!

Mercedes said...

oh my gosh...my friend told me to go to the monday night class because it is safe. too funny!

i want to get the zumba for xbox kinect now. maybe michael would do it with me! bhahahah!

Sherrie said...

I'd pay to see that!

Regina said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sitting here in the airport and burst out laughing at the mental image of you doing a bollywood inspired workout! I look like a nut. Hope you're well and not still sore!

Lauren said...

i tried zumba because i've heard So many good things and i hated it. i have no rhythm, no coordination, no sensuality, NOTHING. remember mercedes? i scored 5/10 on sex appeal at peterhoff. zumba is not for me. but i'm glad you like it.

Jovenus said...

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